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Democratic Rules of Order cover

Fred Francis, Peg Francis
Ninth edition, 2010
80pp, soft cover
ISBN 978-0-9699260-6-1
Cool Heads Publishing

$8.95 (CDN and USD)

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$4.95 (CDN and USD)

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Who Uses Democratic Rules of Order?

We have had requests for examples of organizations that use Democratic Rules of Order so here is a partial list. In order to respect privacy, only publicly available information or composites are listed. Also be aware that most sales go through our distributor and Amazon.com. In both of those cases we have no idea who uses them.

We have sold several tens of thousands and to date we have not heard of any groups that have switched back to Robert's Rules or others. Quite the contrary, we have heard many stories where these more straight-forward rules have made a significant difference in the tone and effectiveness of meetings. In one situation that we heard recently, the organization was actually saved from disbanding when some members, buoyed by their confidence in the rules, confronted a minority "railroading".

Some of the users of Democratic Rules of Order include (from the internet or permission given):

  • VISOA (Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association), BC
  • Gibsons Chamber of Commerce, BC
  • Black Creek Community Association, BC
  • Central WI Commuity Action Council, WI
  • Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, BC
  • University of Ontario Institute of Technology, ON
  • TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly), USA
  • Wisconsin Trout Unlimited, WI
  • Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group, PEI
  • Grand Rapids Community College, MI
  • Mid-City Neighborhood Organization, New Orleans, LA
  • Santa Fe South Schools, Inc, OK
  • Vancouver Island Aircrew Association, BC
  • Restaurant Management Facility Association, US
  • iQ Credit Union, WA
  • Rio Gallinas School of Ecology and the Art, NM
  • Garden State Theatre Organ Society, CA
  • Sarasota Community Organization Active in Disaster, FL
  • University of Alberta Graduate Students of English Collective, AB
  • Naparima Alumni Association of Canada, ON
  • Billerica Planning Board, MA
  • Connecticut Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, CT
  • Breastfeeding USA, NY
  • Fond Du Lac Rugby, Inc, WI
  • Desaix Area Neighborhood Association, LA
  • California Association of Joint Powers Association, some groups, USA


Some other unspecified DRO users that we are aware of include:

  • Medical association in Alberta
  • Strata council, CA
  • Metal art group, BC
  • Fish farm group, BC
  • Insurance bureau, ON
  • Forestry and environmental studies group, Australia
  • Strata groups, MD,
  • Ratepayers groups, BC
  • Optometrist group, BC
  • Cryo-genetics group, Norway
  • Winter gardening group, BC
  • Organic gardening group, BC
  • Literacy Now group, BC
  • Cycling Coalition, BC
  • Dragon boat group, BC
  • Soccer association, BC
  • Political Leadership Centre, WA
  • Natural Resources group, NH
  • Soroptimist International group, BC
  • Podiatrist group, BC
  • Property management group, BC
  • Primary Industries Department, Australia
  • Salmon Enhancement group, BC
  • Soup kitchen club, BC
  • Credit Union, GA and UT
  • Therapeutic farm, BC
  • Women's Resource Centre, BC
  • Department of Electrical and Computer Engineers, ON
  • Marine conservation society, BC
  • Wellness centre, BC
  • Mediator between non-profits, corporations and governments, Ireland
  • Economic Development group, AB
  • High School student council, BC
  • Community College, NY
  • Canadian Condominium Institute group, ON
  • CUPE group, AB
  • Strata council, PA
  • Prison Ministry, FL
  • Pacific Condominium Association, BC
  • Nursing home, WA
  • United Way group, FL
  • School district group, BC
  • Church associations of several faiths, Canada, US
  • Strata councils, Canada, US



Canada, US, England, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Norway, Ireland

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Order Information

Fred Francis, Peg Francis
Ninth edition, 2010
80pp, soft cover
ISBN 978-0-9699260-6-1
Cool Heads Publishing

Ebook $4.95 ( CDN and USD )
Softcover $8.95 ( CDN and USD )

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“This book - now in the 9th Edition - helps many people move the democratic ideal toward reality by providing, in plain and simple English, workable guidelines that makes meetings work effectively. I've used it in Elder College classes where I teach "Core Canadian values" 
and as a reference when chairing meetings. Recording secretaries also appreciate such a good resource.
Dr. Betty Donaldson
Professor Emerita, University of Calgary. ”

— Dr. Betty Donaldson, Calgary AB,CA

Testimonial Header

“This short but thorough guidebook to the right ordering of meetings is recommended to all. Our library has multiple copies to satisfy patrons' requests. ”

— Arnold Ranneris, Assistant Head, Central Library, , Victoria BC,CA